Treasure point Palawan

Treasure Point Palawan

Treasure point Palawan

Palawan is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the world which has remained secluded from human intervention. It is not only rated as the best among the rest but also offers a private vacationing resort like experience for families and corporates. You could go ahead and enjoy the beautiful white sand that it is known for. Treasure Point Palawan can be the right place to look into.

How about you get that private beach access right at your door as you open it up? Do you want to know more about seashore beach club?

The seashore beach club has been one of the most popular resorts in the islands and has attracted tourists ever since its inception. Go scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, bring out that adventure freak in you and do whatever you wish to do on a vacation. In case you like that peace and quiet time, roll over with your beach blanket and cosy up under one of the cabanas to just unwind with the best possible cocktails that the staff is known for. You can make the most of it.

With impeccable hospitability and customer service, treasure point is worth a visit. It is a mix of everything tropical that can give the Caribbean islands a run for their money. If that is too expensive you can always head to Palawan for a wonderful time and vacation with your family. It is affordable and one of the most visited places.

If you are interested in purchasing a holiday home at the island, it is possible to own one at your own leisure given that there is provision for leasing out the same as well!

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